On The Loading Dock

18 01 2012

One of the last stops I made on my shootabout was an old loading dock behind the Civic Center. Me and a friend had skated here a couple times so I knew it had good potential for some decent pictures. My favorite pictures so far had definitely been the macro shots so I put the 60mm back on the camera and started shooting.

First thing I saw when I got to the location is the way a little patch of metal had peeled away from the corner of the dock. I liked the rust and the way you could see the raw edge of the concrete so I shot a few frames. In post I duplicated the layer, converted to a smart object, edited in a new window, changed mode to greyscale, then to bitmap (freq/12, angle/45, diamond.) After that I played around with a layer mask to get my color back. This is the same process I use for making pop art images. I like the retro look of the bitmap so I decided to keep it.

Just behind the corner were a few nuts and bolts. These were shot as they were, I didn’t move them around at all. I used a narrow depth of field to put the focus on the front bolt and let the others be background elements.

Along the ramp part of the dock, someone had drawn their name into the cement, probably when it was first poured. I loved the way it looked, it reminds me of the way people write their names in the sand at the beach and take pictures of it. It was strikingly simple but something about it really stood out so I wanted to include it in the blog post.

This last image was my personal favorite image from the day. I got down close to the small metal rail that ran up the ramp. There was a tiny gap in the rail at the top of the ramp where a crack in the concrete ran all the way across the surface, I shot through the gap in the metal. Everything about this image really worked for me.

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17 responses

19 01 2012

Really like the shallow-depth of field in your photographs. Great job!



19 01 2012

Thanks, I like to bring the attention to a small part of the picture, especially with my macro stuff. I love your landscapes though, I might have to trade in the macro shots for some big pictures on my next shootabout. Might even try out that HDR tutorial you put up :)

19 01 2012
Setiaji Pamungkas

i love the 4 of yours…

the most my fave is the last photograph….
sorry for my bad english :D
i’m indonesian :D

cheers :D

19 01 2012

Thank you! The last one is my favorite too. Your English is very good compared to my Bahasa Indonesian :D

19 01 2012
Frank Winters

Cool images — there’s always something to photograph, eh?

19 01 2012

Absolutely :)

19 01 2012

Love the colours in the last one, I wonder what’s behind the wall…it’s intriguing!

19 01 2012

Thanks! Love the background on your blog :)

19 01 2012

Howdy –

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I’m glad you did, I enjoy visiting new blogs and keep up with them! I’m going to enjoy yours……….

19 01 2012

Thanks Partner :)

23 01 2012

Wow. Great close-ups.
It’s a great photographer who can photograph something simple and make it eye-catching with that wow factor.

23 01 2012

Thanks Victoria!

23 01 2012

Looking forward to seeing more of your photographs. Thanks for stopping by Cardboardmetravels today.

23 01 2012

You’re Welcome! Thanks for returning the favor!

24 01 2012

Nice work. Really like your images.
Your blog could be called…’shooting through the gaps” :)
Really like that image btw.

And thanks for stopping by my blog too!

24 01 2012

Haha, that’s a great idea, maybe not another blog but that would make a really fun series :)

8 07 2013

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