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27 01 2012

First off, I want to thank all of you for helping me reignite my passion for photography. Last Tuesday when I started this, I was excited about digging back in to doing “walkabout” photography. Now I’m borderline obsessed. I’ve spent the last several days responding to hundreds of comments and looking through the countless blogs of everyone who has liked, commented or posted and I have seen some beautiful work.

Many of you know in addition to freelance photography and this blog I work a full time day job. Especially with the short days we have right now this has cut into my camera time so I decided to entertain the idea of sharing some work from my followers. I made a note in a blog post that anyone interested in sharing should email me. I was contacted by a Danish organ player (The Viking) and a language teacher from Belgium (Kitten.)

They explained that they’re not professional photographers but they travel and take pictures at interesting locations off the beaten path. They got their fill of the crowds and the noise of popular destinations before they met through Facebook. It started out as a partner to travel interesting locations but it “blossomed into something more beautiful.” Here’s them talking about some of their work.

We visit Denmark regularly. We like to go to places that we already know and like to photograph them in different seasons and weather conditions, in color and in black and white. Most of all, we like to explore the coastline which is more than 5.000 kilometers long, always looking for a pretty bay or a small island. During our last visit in the Christmas vacation, friends and family suggested we go to Thuro, which is in the south of Fyn (the central island of Denmark). It’s a small island, that attracts tourists mainly because of its beaches. There are no cultural highlights here, but the nature is so beautiful! We immediately fell in love with the place.

You have to drive through a wood before you reach the beach (which is often the case in Denmark) and then you have a beautiful view on Fyn and some other very small islands. We liked the peace and quiet. I took the pictures in black and white, because the weather was so grey, and I thought it suited the atmosphere better. At the other side of the island, I wanted to take pictures of the platform and the sea. The dog showed up from nowhere and was very willing to pose for the picture.

On the other hand, we like to explore Belgium as well, since this is the new home country of The Viking. During our last trip to Louvain, I mentioned that some parts of the town are actually on the World Heritage List of Unesco! And we immediately came up with the idea of exploring the lesser known places of this list. Because that’s the focus of our travels: off the beaten track destinations!

The last picture is one of my favorites on their blog. It was taken in Slovenia, one of the many fantastic locations they have shared. I strongly encourage you to check out more of their work over at Cosy Travels.

I know today’s post was a little different so let me know if you liked it! I’ll be sharing pictures from my next shootabout Saturday or Sunday depending on how productive I am over the weekend :)

Also, shoutout to Quotidian Hudson. Robert shared me with his followers and I always appreciate when someone thinks highly enough of my blog to do that. If you get a chance you should stop by and let him know Arley says thank you. His blog has some Amazing photos of the Hudson River and he shares links to some of the greatest photographers of our generation every now and then ;)

Thank you all for stopping by, God Bless and don’t forget to…

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26 responses

27 01 2012

I really love the bridge picture!

27 01 2012

I really liked that one too

27 01 2012

I like the desolation and seemingly unspoiled water’s edge of the first shot. I really like your idea of sharing other’s work. I’m relatively new to blogging, and am enjoying the community of photographers and writers that I meet. It’s certainly a way to keep improving the way “we see the world around us.” It’s definitely become a part of my love of lifelong learning. If I figure out how to reblog, I will share one of the upcoming posts of your work, Sally

27 01 2012

Thanks Sally, I appreciate that. I don’t really understand re-blogging at all, haha. I actually worked directly with the authors on this one through email. They really seem like a great couple. I’m glad you enjoyed this. I’ve been a little skeptical about posting stuff on the blog that wasn’t mine but I’ve really enjoyed getting to see other people’s perspective. It’s enriched me and I decided I should share it with my readers so you can enjoy it as I have.

27 01 2012

“I want to thank all of you for helping me reignite my passion for photography.” Actually ~ Thank You ~ You’re doing great! ~ I’m constantly looking forward to your new images and posts in my inbox now. ~ Red

27 01 2012

Thanks Red, I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog!

27 01 2012

I love this post! It’s great seeing your images when you post them, but it’s really nice to see people handing out some love to others’. I know too many photographers, both professionals & hobbyists that spend so much time critiquing everyone else’s images (as if there’s are the best in the world ever) that they seem really stuck up about the technicalities to the point where they don’t really enjoy it anymore. That makes it hard for the rest of us to enjoy it. Thank you for sharing these! I look forward to your posts!

27 01 2012

It’s kind of funny you said that. One of the photographers I follow on Twitter shared a “10 signs you might be a bad photographer” post. I retweeted it so you can find it on my twitter but one of the reasons was you spend more time critiquing others work than studying your own for ways you can improve. I have trouble critiquing others because I find unique beauty in such a variety of photos but I love learning from my own mistakes and getting inspiration from others’ photography.

27 01 2012

Thanks for your comment, this whole experience is gratifying. I say that not just from my own perspective, but how this mechanism (the WordPress process) allows so many people to connect and share. Your comment about critiquing others and oneself is a delicate but worthy endeavor. I agree its just as hard to comment on others as it is to be a self-critic, Sally

27 01 2012

Thanks Sally, and WordPress is so amazing. I’ve come on contact with the most amazing people over the course of the past week and I’m grateful for all my new colleagues and friends

27 01 2012
Andra Watkins

So glad Robert introduced me to your blog. If you read my post today, you can see that we have been a little preoccupied. Please forgive me for taking too long to return your comment.

Denmark is one of my favorite places on earth. In fact, I love it so much that my closest girlfriend is from Denmark (South Carolina.) :) I grew up in Florence and have lived in Charleston for almost 22 years. We leave as often as we can. :)

I’m so glad to meet you and look forward to more of your pictures and words.

27 01 2012

I see that, and congratulations! I’m going to make a Charleston trip sometime soon. I was laughing with a friend in England who had shared some pictures of “Charles Town” on his blog. I told him I wished my “Charles Town” looked as nice as his :)

27 01 2012

Photography… it’s a beautiful way of taking the time to contemplate the beauty around us!

27 01 2012

I couldn’t agree more, thanks for commenting!

27 01 2012
Pablo Buitrago

Love this post!
This brings me so many memories, I lived in Denamrk, and to be specific, in Nyborg which is in Fyn, and these photos just brought back some memories from when I was there in the beach.

27 01 2012

Glad you liked it. I knew bringing them on board for a post was a great choice, you should check out their blog if you haven’t already,

27 01 2012
MLRutledge Photography

This post is so great! A young man from SC and a couple across a big ocean with beautiful photos, both wanting to share and to share with all of us out here that want to see and do the same!
Wonderful on all levels!!
Have fun on your weekend shootabout!

27 01 2012

I’m glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing!

28 01 2012

Wow! 45 likes! Thank you so much and thanks for all the great comments! @arley, we should do this more often :-) By the way, The Viking and I explore a lot more than Belgium and Denmark, so check out :-)

28 01 2012

Haha, I know I’ve been all over it, if I said anything to make it sound like those are the only places you go I’ll have to tweak that. I hope a lot of those 45 found their way to your page too :)

29 01 2012

Love the dog on the walkway – and didn’t even notice it was B&W because it was just right for the “mood” as they said. Awesome. Beautiful photo on Slovenia too. Interesting share for you on your blog too. Jenn

30 01 2012
Dreams and Zeros

“Tusind tak” for these pictures! Dog on bridge is my favourite!

4 02 2012

So beautiful, especially the photograph with dog, so impressive. Thank you it is so nice to read and watch your photographs… With my love, nia

5 02 2012

They did some wonderful work

15 02 2012
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24 06 2013

Hey! I know this is kinda off topic but I was wondering
if you knew where I could locate a captcha plugin for my comment form?
I’m using the same blog platform as yours and I’m having problems finding one?
Thanks a lot!

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