A Bridge From any Other Angle Wouldn’t Look as Sweet

23 02 2012

Thought I’d have a bit of fun with the title here. Something my literature buffs will likely appreciate. Today, as you may have guessed, I’m going to touch on playing the angles and perspectives. My regulars, like Mona, Mary and Judy, (all great photo blogs worth a visit,) have heard me rant about how I don’t want to capture a scene or a subject as it is, I want to capture it how I imagine it in my head (scary, I know.)

Here’s the scene I had to work with. I was out for a walk with my very good friend and occasional assistant Jessica when this bridge caught my eye. I liked the long winding path on the other side and the steep grass bank. The texture across the whole bridge was fascinating and the light made it pretty intriguing. I dialed in my settings and took this.

I worked a few different angles that I didn’t really like but then I got another snap I really liked under the bridge. The pattern on the wall really jumped out at me, I’m huge on patterns and textures. The red dirt, diagonal shadow, and the hints of graffiti to the left gave the frame more depth and intrigue. It’s good to have an image with a few things going on as long as you don’t get too distracted by what is happening. In one of my star fort posts, I talked about every shot needing a hero. For me, the pattern was the hero and the red dirt played a lead supporting role. :)

Another great tip to keep in the back of your mind while you’re in the field is to look up. Most of us are very aware of what is in front of us, mildly aware of our peripherals, passively aware of what’s behind us, and oblivious to what is above us. Next time you’re shooting, challenge yourself to look up every now and then and try to get a good snap. If you get something worth sharing on your blog, track back to this post with a link so I’ll know to come and check it out.

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Thanks and God Bless! -Arley

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